Fall 2014 Open House

Have you seen curling on TV and always wondered what it was like to try it? Don’t get a chance to do enough sweeping at home? Want to try a new sport that helps make the winter fly by? Then you’re in luck, because The Mayfield Curling Club will be holding an Open House this October. Additional information will be posted when available.

At the Open House, you’ll receive a brief introduction to curling and a chance to get on the ice to see what it is all about. You should plan to be at the Open House for at least one-half hour. There is a $20 fee to attend the Open House.

Registration is not yet open for the Open House. If you have any questions or would like to be contacted when registration is open, please contact us at

Proper attire is required of curlers, including prospective and new curlers, when they are at the curling house and the Mayfield Clubhouse. The dress code for the Mayfield Clubhouse is “Country Club Casual”, which is defined as casual attire in good taste. Collared or banded shirts for the men are required. Unacceptable clubhouse attire include: warm-up suits, gym shorts, tee shirts and tank tops. Neat denim (free of holes and frayed ends) is allowed in the warm room but not on the ice.

Curling (on-ice) attire should be comfortable and practical for the sport, but still needs to adhere to basic dress guidelines. Casual slacks (e.g. Dockers), curling pants (see Goldline catalog) or nicer track-style pants with collared or banded shirts, turtlenecks, fleece, vests and jackets are preferred over sweatpants, tee shirts or more casual attire.

Thank you for your interest. See you on the ice!

Jason Oblander

Mayfield Curling Club Membership Chair

Mayfield Curling Club, South Euclid, OH
webmaster at mayfieldcurling dot com